Welcome to Notes for Cliff!


What is Notes for Cliff?

Notes for Cliff is a non-profit organization that supports young musicians at local grade schools and high schools. Working closely with Schmitt Music, Notes for Cliff provides scholarships to Twin Cities-area music students - or in some cases entire music programs - to pay for instruments, lessons or other essential accessories to support students' continued participation and growth in music programs. 

Who does Notes for Cliff help?

While a small but growing organization, Notes for Cliff makes significant differences in young, musicians' lives. We have helped dozens of students stay in band programs who otherwise would not have been able to due to financial hardship. We also help budget-constrained schools purchase essential music supplies and instruments, improving entire music programs. 

Where do the funds come from?

Notes for Cliff primarily raises money from a small network of friends and family and through annual fundraising events, including the community 5k run in June. Because we do not have a large funding source, we appreciate all donations of any size.

Who is Cliff?

Cliff is the inspiration behind Notes for Cliff! Cliff began teaching himself to play the piano at age 6. He played for hours every day. Over the years he learned to play a number of instruments well - saxophone, guitar, harmonica and even the accordian. But it was his gift on the piano that could bring people to tears.

Cliff taught piano lessons to young students at Schmitt Music. He often gave discounts or offered group lessons for families that could not otherwise afford them. This is one of the many ways Cliff shared his gift for music with others.

To learn more, visit the online guestbook at http://www.cliffmontzka.com.